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This capitulation zone was longer than 2021, and just two days shorter than 2018's where price touched $3.1K pic.twitter.com/B3mMhKQPls— Charles Edwards (@caprioleio) August 20, 指標 macd 2022

MACD指標 - MACD技術分析

交易者使用外匯指標來預測市場的價格走勢, 從而增加在外匯市場中賺錢的機會.外匯指標實際上考慮了特定交易工具的價格和數量, 以進行進一步的市場預測.


技術分析通常包含在各種交易策略中, 不能與技術指標分開考慮.一些指標很少使用, 而另一些指標對於許多交易者而言幾乎是不可替代的.我們重點介紹了5種最受歡迎的技術分析指標:移動平均線(MA), 指數移動平均線(EMA), 隨機震盪指標, 布林線, 指標 macd 移動平均收斂散度(MACD).


交易策略通常需要多個技術分析指標以提高預測準確性.落後的技術指標顯示了過去的趨勢, 而領先指標則預測了未來的趨勢.選擇交易指標時, 還應考慮不同類型的圖表工具, 例如交易量, 動量, 波動率和趨勢指標.


指標有兩種:落後和領先.滯後指標基於過去的走勢和市場反轉, 並且在市場趨勢強勁時更為有效.領先指標試圖預測未來的價格走勢和反轉, 它們通常在區間交易中使用, 並且由於它們會產生許多錯誤信號, 因此不適合趨勢交易.



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From Riliza MACD-V Volatility Normalisation and another knowledge I am just her follower, Try to make dashboard to study the market for my self. Rev00 - MACDV with momentum -Still need to optimize and revise many thing. -Any wrong could you please help feed back , Not much experience.

USDCAD: Hodrick-Prescott MACD [Loxx]

Hodrick-Prescott MACD is a MACD indicator using a Hodrick-Prescott Filter. What is Hodrick–Prescott filter? The 指標 macd 指標 macd Hodrick–Prescott filter (also known as Hodrick–Prescott decomposition) is a mathematical 指標 macd tool used in macroeconomics, especially in real business cycle theory, to remove the cyclical component 指標 macd of a time series from raw data. It is used to obtain a.

ETHUSDT: Ichimoku Cloud with MACD (By Coinrule)

The Ichimoku Cloud is a collection of technical indicators that show support and resistance levels, as well as momentum and trend direction. It does this by taking multiple averages and plotting them on a chart. It 指標 macd also uses these figures to compute a “cloud” that attempts to forecast where the price may find support or resistance in the future. The Ichimoku.

BTCUSD: TUE ADX/MACD Confluence Strategy

This is the companion strategy to our popular ADX/MACD Confluence indicator. It shows confluences between ADX and MACD which tend to be powerful predictors of movement in the markets. The 指標 macd buy/sell signals indicate the 指標 macd opening of a confluence in either direction, whereas the candle coloring shows when that confluence ends. After the candles turn 指標 macd back to white then.

USDCAD: Smoother Momentum MACD w/ DSL [Loxx]

Smoother Momentum MACD w/ DSL uses two different EMA calculations to derive momentum and then calculates the MACD between those momentum outputs. This indicator uses a variation of Discontinued Signal Lines for the breakout/breakdown/reversal signals . There are three different signal types: middle, levels, and slope. I've also added alerts and signals. The.

ETHUSDT: Take Profit On Trend v2 (by BHD_Trade_Bot)

The purpose of strategy is to detect long-term uptrend and short-term downtrend so that you can 指標 macd 指標 macd easy to take profit. The strategy also using BHD unit to detect how big you win and lose, so that you can use this strategy for all coins without worry about it have different percentage of price change. ENTRY The buy order is placed on assets that have.


The #Bitcoin miner capitulation has officially ended today, making it the 3rd longest capitulation in history at 71 days.

This capitulation zone was longer than 2021, and just two days shorter than 2018's where price touched $3.1K pic.twitter.com/B3mMhKQPls

— Charles Edwards (@caprioleio) August 20, 2022