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Trading in Fixed Time Mode: A Short Cut into the World of Trading

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Easier than the trading floor.
Harder than pure luck.

Fixed Time trading doesn't require Olymp Trade平台怎么样? the trader to analyze the financial market in depth. That said, a trader Olymp Trade平台怎么样? can't rely on pure luck either.

For trading more effectively and understanding the tone of the market, it is advisable for a novice trader to explore the possibilities of the trading platform and acquaint themselves with several popular Olymp Trade平台怎么样? trading strategies.

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Olymp Trade平台怎么样?

Индикатор Average Directional Index

Как правило, большинство существующих трендовых индикаторов располагаются непосредственно на самом ценовом графике. Однако, из всех правил есть исключение. Одним из таких редких инструментов Olymp Trade平台怎么样? стал Average Directional Index (ADX), более напоминающий осциллятор.

Всё что нужно знать о стратегиях для Fixed Time Trades

Специально для вас мы отобрали лучшие базовые системы, которые Olymp Trade平台怎么样? Olymp Trade平台怎么样? познакомят вас с методиками анализа цены актива, помогут совершить первые успешные сделки уже сегодня, а также познакомят вас с одним из самых прибыльных инструментов — Fixed Time Trades.

Инструмент «Уровни Фибоначчи» в терминале от Olymp Trade

«Уровни Фибоначчи» являются универсальным инструментом, позволяющим определять окончание коррекции и находить идеальные точки для покупки краткосрочных контрактов.

Стратегия «Третья волна Элиотта»

Стратегия, основанная на теории Элиотта, позволит вам значительно увеличить свою прибыль от торговли на рынке бинарных опционов.

Индикатор Donchian Channel

Donchian Channel – один из самых старых, но в то же время эффективных, трендовых индикаторов, Olymp Trade平台怎么样? который по сей день пользуется большой популярностью у трейдеров.

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4 Chart Types you can use on the Olymp Olymp Trade平台怎么样? Trade platform

Chart types available at Olymp Trade

Area charts are linear charts which means that the price movements are represented by the line.

Area chart at Olymp Trade

Japanese candlesticks

This particular type of chart is the Olymp Trade平台怎么样? most widely used nowadays. Candlesticks carry information about changes in the price over a specified time frame. The body and wicks form a candlestick.

The body range tells us about the opening price (O) and the closing price (C). The wick on the top of the candle shows the highest price (H) and the one on the bottom indicates the lowest price (L).

The candlestick is colored green in case the price of the asset is going up. When it is going down, the candlestick will be red.

A five-minute candlestick shows how the price is changing during a 5 minute period.

OHLC values on up and down candlesticks

The basic rules of their construction are the same as in the case of Olymp Trade平台怎么样? Japanese candlesticks. This chart type is formed by a vertical line and two short perpendicular lines to the left and the right. The short lines give Olymp Trade平台怎么样? us the information about the opening and closing prices while a vertical line about the highest and the lowest ones. Bars contain the same set of price data but visually they are not so suggestive.

OHLC prices on a bar chart

Heiken Ashi

Another chart Olymp Trade平台怎么样? type available on the Olymp Trade platform is Heiken Ashi. Take a look Olymp Trade平台怎么样? at the picture below and guess what it is.

Heiken Ashi chart

If you are not familiar with Heiken Ashi and you will see the chart you will probably mistakenly guess that it is a candlestick chart. It actually looks like Olymp Trade平台怎么样? a candlestick chart. What can grasp your attention is the fact that there Olymp Trade平台怎么样? are usually more the same colored candles in the row. In other words, the color of the candles doesn’t change that often like on the candlestick chart. The reason for that is Heiken Ashi candles are made not from pure prices (OHLC) but from calculations made using prices. All formulas used for calculating Heiken Ashi Candle are listed below.

Heiken Ashi calculations

Why are Japanese Candlesticks the most commonly used?

Candlesticks are the most popular chart type used to analyze today’s market situation. Why do professionals like them so much? First of all, Olymp Trade平台怎么样? they Olymp Trade平台怎么样? are very easy to use. The other reason is the amount of information they contain. They give a general overview of the situation and that is the reason they can be meaningful and useful without adding any indicators.