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AIPLUX 智慧財產權平台,商標專利合作夥伴一

AIPLUX is a company that provides a multilingual trade mark filing system. In a world that is evermore connected, selling a product globally has never been easier, but protecting the intellectual property of the design is a major challenge.


【#IVS2021】スタートアップの登竜門 IVS LAUNCHPAD決勝進出者15名が決定!

株式会社インフィニティベンチャーズサミットは、2021 年 3 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 月 17 日から同月 19 日にかけて開催する国内最大級のスタートアップカンファレンス「Infinity Ventures Summit 2021 SPRING」にて、実施される「IVS LAUNCHPAD」に出場する決勝進出者を決定いたしました。


INFORMING 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 TODAY'S MARKET. FINANCING TOMORROW'S TRADE.


TFG’s data-led origination platform connects companies with innovative trade and receivables finance solutions from over 300 financial institutions .

This is combined with TFG’s award-winning content , educating a global audience of 160k monthly readers – in app & online.

If you want to learn more about trade finance solutions , like letters of credit , you have come to the right place.

The acceleration towards green and renewable energy through cutting ties with Russian gas

Conflict with Russia has created a multitude of 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 substantial repercussions for economies around the world, not least an ongoing disruption within 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 the global energy market.

UK halts all fuel supplies from Russia, reports ONS 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上

In addition to the joint sanctions placed on Moscow by the UK and other NATO countries in February, Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures have confirmed that UK private energy firms no longer import any oil or gas from 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 Russia.

ICC briefing addresses the topic of reducing discrepancy rates

In the 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 latest of its ongoing series of technical advisory briefings released on 27 June 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 2022, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Banking Commission addressed the subject of ‘Reducing Discrepancy Rates under Documentary Credits’ (TAB-3).


Keynote – Berne Union’s 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 export credit insurance update and progressing climate change action

TFG spoke to the acting head of the Berne Union to find out what he believes they 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 can do to affect wider issues like climate change.

Video: A view on Asian trade – key themes

At the BAFT global annual meeting in May, TFG sat down with heads of trade to discuss the current state of trade in Asia.

We still need humans! Veridapt and DrumRisk on bridging 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 the physical and financial commodity supply chains using technology

We currently live in uncertain times, both geopolitically, and from a macroeconomic perspective. TFG asked two risk 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 management experts for their take on how businesses can navigate through this period 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 of economic volatility.


Podcast: The evolution of the UCP 600 and 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 supplementing rules for documentary credits

TFG spoke to UCP 600 expert David Meynell, senior technical advisor for the ICC Banking Commission and digital rules advisor to the Centre for Digital Trade and Innovation, to discuss the evolution of the UCP 600 and supplementing rules for documentary credits.

Podcast: FCI – why 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 the factoring industry is experiencing a boom

TFG spoke to one of the world’s largest factoring associations to find out how trade receivables can help solve the liquidity crunch caused by supply chain disruption.

Fraudbusters – MonetaGo’s CEO on tackling duplicate financing fraud in trade finance via the Trade Finance Registry

With 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 the trade finance gap at an all-time high, some tech companies are creating novel solutions to help combat the wide-scale fraud that has challenged the sector for many years, making it a more attractive space for lenders once again. TFG spoke to Jesse Chenard of MonetaGo to find out more.

TFG News Wire

China-Europe ties to be strengthened through freight train digital advancements

A new report on Thursday claimed that China is willing to cooperate with countries along the China-Europe Railway Express lines, jointly promoting the construction of major infrastructure projects. This will… read more →

IMF predicts Middle Eastern states to receive a $1.3tn boost in extra oil revenues

Middle Eastern states are to land a $1.3 trillion windfall from extra oil revenues over the next four years, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). On Friday, the IMF… read more →

India reduces Russian oil procurement, but Saudi Arabian imports see 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 an increase

The course of this last year has seen a fluctuation within fuel markets. Like many other countries, India has experienced similar trends. India’s crude oil imports from Russia fell in… read more →

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GT7動画まとめナビ グランツーリスモ7 GT7の人気動画まとめサイト

【GT7】初見でいきなり収益を剥奪され顔真っ赤になったF1ダーティー勢【グランツーリスモ7】【F1 2021】

GT7はGTSの時より面白そうです。なんといってもダーティープレイが推奨されている所が評価ポイントです。 メンバー加入↓ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClHiFJ_U3D1h6–OuDaWpPA/join (参加優先権は翌日以降適用) ※メインチャンネルとは別物なのでご注意下さい。 【参加者ルール】 酷いDirtyは警告処分or出場停止 神風クラッ […]

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ミュージックラリー 3. SURV1V3 グランツーリスモ7

ミュージックラリーの3面、他と比べてかなり難しかったんですが、ゴールド取れたので記念にアップ。曲がクールでノリノリで、何回もリトライしてて聞きまくりましたが飽きないですね。 曲:SURV1V3 – daiki kasho グランツーリスモ7 いい感じリスト Twitter https://twitter.com/karaminamo 再生回数:9

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電撃オンラインなどで執筆中のゲームライターなんでもゆうこ&ぽよみちゃんのチャンネルです。今回はなんでもゆうこがレースゲームシリーズ最新作「グランツーリスモ7(GT7)」に挑戦!気に入っていただけましたらチ ャンネル登録をよろしくお願いいたします!前→https://youtu.be/PWP_kZ-x1pA GTキャンペーンモードやアーケード、ドライビングスクールといったさまざまなゲームモードのコレ […]

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Should you get the PS4 Version of GT7? | PS4 vs. PS5 Comparison

Gran Turismo was bigly touted as a next 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 gen console game, but what about the PS4? Can GT7 also be played 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 there without any problems? @CHAMPION JOE has collected 10 questions from the community and ans […]

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GT7: Is Sport Mode Broken? we do Daily Race B and find out

Is Sport Mode in Gran Turismo 7 Broken? we do a Daily Race B and find out. Driven with Logitech G29 wheel, to find out my settings check out my Fastest Settings in Gran Turismo 7: https://youtu.be/6AV […]

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グランツーリスモ7のライセンスを進めていきます。 現在讓我們學習如何 trade 線上 【欲しいものリスト】https://www.amazon.jp/hz/wishlist/ls/15S9HL7I0U1R5 【グッズショップ】https://gonta67.booth.pm/ 【Twitter】https://twitter.com/gonta67gonta

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GT7 ドリ車の王道! 180sxで 荒野のコースをドリフト【グランツーリスモ7】

ドリフト車の王道 180での初ドリフトです ウィローはほんとに苦手なんです! #gt7 #グランツーリスモ7 #ドリフト #drift #granturismo7 #180sx 再生回数:803