MetaTrader 5平台


MetaTrader 5 platform

MetaTrader 5 platform

The best choice for the modern trader, MetaTrader 5 is the next iteration of industry standard MT4, a multi-functional trading platform that offers outstanding trading possibilities and embedded expert market analysis tools.

MT5 provides a market depth system and a separate accounting of orders and trades system. It supports both the traditional netting system and the hedging option system with four different order execution types: Instant, Request, Market and MetaTrader 5平台 MetaTrader 5平台 Exchange. The platform supports all types of trade orders including market, pending, stop and trailing stop.

MT5 for iOS and Android

MT5 for iOS and Android

For your convenience we also have the mobile version of MT5 for both iOS and Android MetaTrader 5平台 smartphones, tablets and other devices for all SquaredDirect MT5 accounts. Never miss a market opportunity when you are on the go.

See live prices, your trading history and place any MT5 order type quickly and effortlessly. You MetaTrader 5平台 can also use the app parallel to your Client Terminal to MetaTrader 5平台 receive push notifications, alerts, news and chat online with other traders.

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Additionally, MT5’s functionality is greatly expanded with even more services, like the built-in Market of Trading Robots (Expert Advisors), the Freelance Database of Strategy Developers, Mirror Trading and the Virtual Hosting Service (Forex VPS) allowing for almost limitless trading capabilities.

  • Flexible Multi-Asset Trading System
  • Expert Analytical MetaTrader 5平台 Tools
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • MQL5 Programming Language
  • MetaTrader 5平台
  • Copy/Mirror Trading & Trading Signals
  • Algorithmic Applications Market with 2500+ ready-made apps
  • Virtual Hosting for operating even when the computer is turned off

MT5 for desktop

MT5 for desktop

MetaTrader 5 allows you to enjoy the benefits of a popular and established trading platform to trade a variety of instruments. Choose your operating MetaTrader 5平台 system from the icons below and download the latest version of MT5.

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MetaTrader 5 setup

Download the platform and follow the intuitive installer to proceed with installation

Download the platform and follow the intuitive installer to proceed with installation

When the installation is complete, launch the application

When the installation MetaTrader 5平台 is complete, launch the application

In MT5 Client Terminal select ‘File’ from the menu, then ‘Login to Trade Account’. Enter your MT5 login credentials that were emailed to you for accessing your trading account

In MT5 Client Terminal select ‘File’ from the menu, then ‘Login to Trade Account’. Enter your MT5 login credentials that were emailed to you for accessing MetaTrader 5平台 MetaTrader 5平台 your trading account

Select which server you want from the drop-down menu

Select which server you want from the drop-down menu


CFDs are leveraged products. Trading in CFDs carries a high level of risk thus may not be MetaTrader 5平台 appropriate for all investors. The investment value can be increased or decreased and the investors may lose their invested capital. The Company has no liability to any person or entity for any loss or damage in whole or part caused by, resulting from, or relating to, any transactions related to CFDs.

‘SquaredFinancial’ and all associated names and logos are owned and operated by Squared Financial (CY) Limited, Cyprus or its affiliates, parent company and subsidiaries of the parent company.

Squared Financial (Seychelles) Ltd is authorised and regulated by FSA under license No. SD024 .


download metatrader 5

下载 MetaTrader 5 (0,4 MB)


  • 众多工具:外汇和贵金属差价合约
  • 一键交易
  • 内装分析工具
  • 扩大的平板电脑版本

为iPhone/iPad MT5平台的全面功能

  • 众多工具:外汇和贵金属差价合约
  • Apple 界面的所有优势
  • MetaTrader 5平台 MetaTrader 5平台
  • 内装分析工具
  • 扩展iPad-版本

飞博集团有限公司 (注册于:2nd Floor, O'Neill MetaTrader 5平台 MetaTrader 5平台 Marketing Associates Building, Wickhams Cay II, PO Box 3174, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands)受金融服务委员会监管 ( FSC ) BVI,执照注册号:SIBA/L/13/1063。

如何使用 MetaTrader 5 (MT5)?交易者指南

如何使用 MetaTrader 5 (MT5)?交易者指南

MetaTrader 5 于 2010 年发布。它旨在在不同的金融市场上执行交易操作。该程序是 MetaTrader 4 的更新和改进版本,MetaTrader 4是一个非常有名的终端,在交易者中非常受欢迎。它由 MetaQuotes Software Corp. 开发和支持。

MetaTrader 5 交易平台的一般信息

MetaTrader 5完美结合了 МТ4 的所有关键功能和第 5 代平台的新机遇。它是多语言的,具有广泛的分析工具和指标,不仅可以交易货币,还可以交易股票和期货 - 仅举几例 MetaTrader 5 的优势。在这里添加一个自动交易,有机会根据您的交易策略创建您自己的智能交易系统或使用库中现有的机器人。

除此之外,该平台还可以选择连接成功交易者的付费信号——它会自动将他们的订单复制到您的账户。直观且用户友好的界面、可用性和广泛的功能这就是 MetaTrader 5 成功并在交易者中受欢迎的原因。mt5download。com。cn

与 МТ4 相比,MetaTrader 5 平台包含几个真正不同的新机会:

两种附加类型的挂单,Buy Stop Limit 和 Sell Stop Limit

MT 5 交易平台的安装非常简单——您只需登录 roboforex.com 的会员区并免费为您的设备、智能手机或台式电脑下载 MetaTrader 5 设置文件。


下载安装文件后,运行,点击“设置”,选择安装文件夹。默认文件夹 C:\Program Files\RoboForex - MetaTrader 5。



成功安装 MetaTrader 5平台 MetaTrader 5 后,您将看到一个窗口,您可以在其中选择开设真实账户或模拟账户。模拟账户是用于教育交易的虚拟账户,允许学习如何使用终端并测试您的交易策略效率,而不会冒着损失自己资金的风险。


MT5 界面(主菜单、工具栏和图表)类似于МТ 4 平台。所有基本功能和特性的详细描述可以在另一篇文章“如何使用 MetaTrader 4 (MT4)”中找到。


为了更舒适的交易,MetaTrader 5 平台有一个新功能,“市场深度”。它显示了某些特定交易工具的最接近的买卖订单。“市场深度”提供了一个非常快速地执行交易的机会,这对于黄牛,即日内交易的交易者非常有用。


MetaTrader 5平台

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MetaTrader 4(MT4)平台提供更好的交易體驗

MetaTrader 4交易平台,俗稱MT4,是一款專為投資人免費提供外匯交易服務的線上平台,透過MT4交易平台,投資人將可進行外匯、指數、貴金屬、原油、期貨等多種豐富金融產品的交易,MetaTrader 4(MT4)更具備直覺化且靈活的使用者操作界面,讓用戶擁有更彈性、更充足的操作空間,來滿足投資人的所有需求,本站詳細介紹有關MT4的各項功能特點,期望讀者可以更快掌握這項投資工具,以獲得更好的交易體驗。



MetaTrader 4(MT4) 是市佔率穩居首位的外匯交易平台,投資人可以通過MT4進行外匯、指數、大宗商品或期貨等跨資產類別的交易。MT4交易平台同時提供個性化的圖表功能和技術工具,包含9種週期圖表、4個掛單功能、MQL4腳本、鎖倉設定與30種技術指標,讓投資者得以擁有更高的定制性和自動化水準,提升市場分析以及交易管理的效率,以實現自動化交易更輕易地達到投資目標。